С: We are Solution Providers

Our Industrial Services include:

Fireproofing, Insulation, Scaffolding, Coatings & Linings, and Abatement.

Started in 1980 by Marc Knight, С strives to be the best in the industry at taking care of people- whether that means our Customers, our Team Members, our Vendors, or our Community, that is the focus that drives our daily decisions along with our Mission and our Core Values.

С offers multi craft services that include sandblasting, painting, insulation, fireproofing, soda blasting and scaffolding for a multitude of industries including the Oil and Gas Industry. Our commitment is to our company with complete repair & maintenance solutions.

Our services are offered at the highest quality possible, reasonably priced, and within the time frame desired across the complete spectrum of oil and gas industries.

A few of our customers

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  • A Service company in business for over 30 years
  • Committed to our customers total satisfaction
  • Complete our task in the desired timeframe
  • Highly trained and Professional Office Staff
  • Fully equipped Sandblasting and Paint Yard
  • Mobile Units for responsive Service
  • Highest quality services provided
  • Multi-services / single source crews available
  • Trained quality- reasonably priced services
  • TRAINED Employees ready for immediate service
  • Office / Storage / Equipment available
  • Cost Saving Bulk Fuel readily available
  • Environmentally safe Disposal Site

Knight Code of Honor

Our mission:

“To raise the standard of ETHICAL practices in our industry by developing HONEST RELATIONSHIPS, to provide a QUALITY SERVICE devoted to our CUSTOMER’S BEST INTERESTS, and to maintain a SAFE WORK environment in which ALL EMPLOYEES are VALUED, treated with DIGNITY, and have a VOICE.”

Our core purpose is to become the best in the industry at taking care of people.

Specializing in Mobile Units and Multi-Craft Crews!

Our crews are set up to go mobile from one location to another. We supply each truck with all the tools and safety supplies needed to complete any painting project.

Each mobile unit is capable of: power tool cleaning, sandblasting, baking soda blasting, brush or roll, spraying paint, and controlling waste disposal with containers. Our crews are capable of painting, insulation, and scaffolding. Our employees are also OQ qualified for painting services on pipeline systems.